June 2010 – Beach Trip #1: Hilton Head

This year, like last we are fortunate enough to be able to go on not one, but TWO beach trips!  Just like last year we zoomed out of town within a day or two of the kids last day of school and headed for what is becoming one of our favorite beach spots:  Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island (HHI).  Here we were joined again by my parents, my brother Tim and my niece Emma.  The house was pretty great with plenty of room for the 9 of us, the pool/hot tub out back was pretty great and our proximity to the beach was also pretty great.  This house (41 Wagon Lane?) was about a 1/4 mile from the beach, 1.5 miles from both Harbor Town and the South Beach Marina area which made for some nice bike rides with the kids…with the exception of the ONE bike ride where Stewart crashed TWO times.  The first she was plowed into by an out of control 10 year old (literally out of control – he was a new bike rider) and the second was her attempt to block her brother’s passing move with her arm and leg while riding…not the move a 5 year old with less than 6 months of riding experience has in her bag of tricks (yet).  Cindy and I can definitely see HHI as a place where we spend more beach time.  At minimum an annual beach trip here with the family is in order.  Check out some of our pics of the trip below as well as a few shots of my Father’s Day festivities!
Click here for the slide show of our time at Hilton Head and the kid’s end of school celebration.
Click here for the slide show of Father’s Day 2010.

Click here to see all of our pictures a la flickr.


2 thoughts on “June 2010 – Beach Trip #1: Hilton Head

  1. Loved the pictures! Stewart did a great job on that cake. Tell her she can come bake for me anytime.

    I’ll have to get info from you on the Hilton Head house. It sounds like it would be a great place to go with the family.

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