2010 New Year’s Resolutions – An Mid-year Update

Wow – this has likely been the fastest 6 months on record.  Something tells me I’ll be saying more and more of this in the coming years. Here’s what I resolved to do in 2010 back in January (updates in Red if I need work here and Green if I’m keeping up):



  • Setup 1 date per month (continue to go on 2 dates per month). I think I have done 2 and one was technically part of a mom’s day gift…need to step it up.
  • Enable all “Girls Nights” and “Girls Trips” for Cindy. I haven’t said “no” to anything yet although work travel made it tough for Cindy to get with her friend Susan.
  • Play together (e.g. cards, Wii, scrabble, etc.) 2x per month. We keep toying with “The Marriage Project” where we remove TV 4 days a week…nothing yet.


  • Be at home eating at the table for 2 weekday dinners. I have good weeks and bad weeks.  I am on the brink but claiming to be keeping my end of the deal here.
  • Re-establish weekly family game night. We kept this through the end of March and then fell off the wagon.  Time to start this one back up.
  • Golf with the kids 1x per month. Does mini-golf count?  Step it up Sutton!
  • Weekly bike rides with the kids (need a little help from Stewart here…) All good here…if it is in Baxter we nearly always bike there as a family.  Recent Hilton Head Trip helped here too!
  • More laughter and less lecturing with my kids (2009 repeat – needs more work). Uh-oh…seems the higher the work stress the more I lecture…MUST…FIX…THIS…

Health and Fitness:

  • Yoga 2x per week (2009 repeat). Doing good here and feeling better for it.
  • Eat less chicken – continue no red meat. Doing great here.  Very little chicken, actually meat for that matter, unless discretely pulling it out just isn’t possible.
  • Run with Purpose – donate $1 per mile every mile run in 2010. Good.  On track for a 1,000 mile year.
  • Run 3:15.59 at the 2010 Thunder Road (Charlotte) Marathon. In December…might have been ambitious given the terrain.  Myrtle will be the fallback.
  • Run sub-30 hour BRR with 6-man team (run sub-8 min pace for my 6 legs).  In September.

Personal Well-being:

  • Say more with less – fewer words in professional settings both with writing and speaking. Put myself on a work “word budget” and seems to be helping.
  • Start everyday at 5:30am (latest). On the wagon and off occasionally…mostly on the wagon.
  • Read 18 books (up from 14 read in 2009) and continue to document via blog. My pace is off a bit but due to some less-than-favorite books…
  • Work: lead more proactively;  Build framework for others to follow. Still working to better develop a conscious leadership style.
  • Learn “presentness” to help better engage with all people in my life (taking all tips/advice here). Will I ever get this down??  A very tough one for me given my life of lists.
  • Develop better gift-giving habits – surprise people with small thought-filled gifts.  Baby steps.  Tickets to “Wicked” was a pleaser for Mom’s day.

All in all 11 of 19 are trending in the right direction but the 8 that aren’t are the ones that matter more (e.g. family, kids, etc.).  Need to take action to get those trending by year end.  In addition I am adding a 20th resolution in the family category:

  • Engage more with my parents.  We had a great vacation together in HHI but I squandered great opportunities to really talk with them on so many topics (i.e. plans for the next 10 years; backyard tree house designs; 4th of July plans in Paris, TN; car health; Y-guides vs. our old days in Indian Guides, etc.). A miss.  I can’t let life get in the way of these shared opportunities.

I’ll plan to check back in September with an update on progress.  As always with life: a bit of a work in progress


2 thoughts on “2010 New Year’s Resolutions – An Mid-year Update

  1. That is a mighty good list, Mr. Sutton…I have many similar themes(which is reassuring given your intellectual prowess), but yours is much more eloquent. Where you state, “Say more with less”, Lucie says, “STFU”. End result is similar. 🙂

    Our reunion is turning into a decennial one…any travel plans?

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