May 2010 – DuMont Gets Married!

Cindy and I enjoyed some kid-free time (thanks again Mom and Dad) in Santa Barbara, California while taking part in the nuptials of our good friend Chris DuMont and now good friend Robin McLaughlin.  On a side note, DuMont’s patience truly paid off.  He found a wonderful woman to marry and she seemingly does not mind his 15 year old Umbro-wearing ways (couldn’t resist DuMont).  Couple of things:  Santa Barbara is some kind of beautiful.  If you visit and wear more than shorts and a t-shirt you are overdressed.  We had great food at The Paradise Cafe (think New Orleans meets Cuba) and The Natural (think all things veggie) and a few good afternoon weekday cocktails along the way.  Nothing says vacation like a weekday cocktail while others are working.  Our hotel was about a mile from the main walking area and we walked back and forth many times staring at the ocean and cliffs along the way.  In Santa Barbara the ocean is actually to the south vs. to the west like it is in most of California.  This means you get to see great sunrises and sunsets over the water.  The temperatures were never over 75 and never under 60 with a light breeze, or sometimes not so light breeze (try 40 mph gusts on the wedding day) the entire trip.  In short, a great place to get married.  The wedding was tons of fun with lots of our friends making the trip west and we met a few new friends along the way. On our way out of town we dropped by Los Angeles and took in Hollywood Blvd (for what may be my last time there) and the Beverly Hills area (also likely my last trip there).  By far the highlight of LA was eating at In and Out Burger (great fries!).
One more side note:  I don’t think DuMont believed me when I said I would post this on YouTube…I just couldn’t resist.
Click here for a slideshow of the trip.

Click here to see all of our pictures a la flickr.


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