Rainy Day, Nap-time Aspirations

It’s raining out. A lot. I like this. A lot. The kids have friends over and are playing nicely in the playroom. Cindy’s taking “quiet time” while Charlie naps and after more jet lag than one should have from traveling west to California and Washington I felt like this was the perfect time to update what has been an overly quiet blog. Rainy days make me contemplate my aspirations.  These aren’t dead-end wishes that I don’t think will ever come true.  Instead, these are ideas I have for the future.  Maybe I’ll take the idea and make it happen.  Maybe I won’t. Last night I took Cindy to see “Wicked” for her Mother’s Day present.  It was superb.  Off-topic?  Not really as I aspire to see more plays.  Not so for the opera.  “Wicked” is the exact play to inspire such an aspiration.  In fact, if I felt the way about theatre as I do about operas I would offer someone could take me to see “Wicked” and that view would change forever.  Gauntlet laid for any of you Opera lovers out there.

Seeing this great play made me aspire to write more and more better.  The creativity that went into thinking up that story blows my mind.  Such an intricate, well thought out story.  Next aspiration:  Creativity.  I aspire to make many things into more creative endeavors. Work. More pie-in-the-sky PowerPointing (did I just say this?). Fewer one page summaries.  More creative solutions to age-old problems.  Less how-did-we-solve-this-last-year answers. More creative fatherhooding. Someone send me the link to creative ideas for ways father can spend time with their kids. See what I mean? Creativity would have made wanting this link sent to me less necessary. Seriously though, send me the link in the meantime as I could use some fresh ideas.

I aspire to pay off my house early. I aspire to sell people what I bake. I aspire to take cooking classes. I aspire to ride a bike across the country. I aspire to have a place in the country.  Like the mountains. I’d settle for the foothills.  Maybe even a lot of acres near a river.  I aspire to have my “thing” again.  In College I had rowing as my thing. I could eat a dozen donuts in a sitting too.  These things differentiated me. I like different. Maybe golf was my thing after college.  Maybe kids are now.  Maybe running is too.  I fear work might be. But none of these differentiates. There are many parents out there.  Many runners. Many workaholics too.  I aspire for differentness.  Maybe it is making up words like “differentness.”  Maybe it is waiting to be found.

The rain stopped.  Charlie’s nap is nearly over. Time for doing starts again. I’ll aspire more later.


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