May 2010 – Wine, Graduation and Accolades!

Another LRS Graduation at the Dairy Barn

May has been a fun month.  Cindy might replace “fun” with “frantic” as it seemed to have a million activities moving a million miles an hour.  I traveled more than normal.  Jax, Atlanta (stay at the Loew’s Hotel near Piedmont Park – pretty swank) and a west coast swing out to San Francisco/Seattle (I could live in Seattle – casual, bike friendly, life-filled city). Cindy got to go with me out west which added to the frenzy but also made it great.  Stewart graduated Pre-school with flying colors.  Her teachers refer to her as “eager” and “beautiful” often.  Not sure if this is teacher code for something else or if this is the highest compliment. I’m going with the latter. I’m her father, I’m allowed.  Will is 3 days from being out of the 1st grade. A “WTF” moment for me.  How does this time pass so quickly!?!? Me sounding like my parents did when I was a kid ends now (for now). He won the Math Award which made his mom and dad very proud.  At risk of sounding like Forrest Gump, “He’s so smart, Jenny.” By the way, that graveside scene makes me tear up just thinking about it. In addition to big school milestones, Cindy and I were invited to tour the wine country with friends as they celebrated a 40th birthday.  We rode in style, stretch limo which made for good times.  We definitely owe our parents huge thank yous for taking time from their schedules to support our kids while we were away and during their school endeavors. We are very lucky to have such great grandparents sharing in our kids’ lives.

Click here for the slideshow of Stewart and Will’s School Accolades

Click here for the slideshow  of our afternoon in the North Carolina Wine Country

Click here to get to videos of Stewart’s Graduation Day

Click here to get to Will’s awards day video

Click here for Charlie’s Video Playlist

Click here to see all of our pictures a la flickr.


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