April 2010 – Weekend Road Trip!

I like to think of myself as a low-stress guy.  Those who know me well are laughing out loud right now but it doesn’t stop me from thinking this way.  The last few weeks I have let work get to me.  I am going back to the way I was before.  It shouldn’t get to me.  I care about it but I would like to work harder about not stressing about it. Anyways, one way that helped me think about it less was to escape.  We took our first road trip as a family of five to a non-grandparent location last weekend and had a great time doing very little while we were away.  You ask where we went?  Roanoke!  That’s right.  Roanoke, Virginia. Home of…uh…trains?  Maybe a home of a star atop a mountain?  Ok.  Just back from Google and they are known as the “Star City” (named after the Star on Mill Mountain) and “Capital of the Blue Ridge”.  Caution:  Segue coming.  So part of this road trip was built around a running race. The Blue Ridge Marathon. BAM!  Segue complete.
My Mom often told my Dad that vacations shouldn’t be based on his running schedule.  With this premise firmly at the forefront of my mind I approached this trip delicately.  Hotel accommodations (complete with 2-room suite to allow for reasonable baby-sleeping needs and his 6:30 bedtime) were on me.  Light coordination of traveling schedules on me as well.  Minimizing the impact of me leaving the room at 5am and returning to the finish line of a race a little before noon…on me too.  Overall, I think I pulled it off.  This gets answered not by reactions from this trip but by proving we can go on other family trips without a running race involved.  More to come here.  Click here for details of the race…
We enjoyed our time in Roanoke.  I could live there.  I say that a lot when I am in a place where I can see any kind of mountains.  The fact that this place has both Appalachian Trail and Blue Ridge access only makes it that much better.  Cindy could not so the business plan on eventually moving to Roanoke has been closed.  Probably a good thing given I really do love where we live.  While there we visited the Virginia Museum of Transportation.  Cool place.  Some parts better than the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer and some parts worse.  The better was the model train set in a Roanoke setting.  The train yard was cool too.  Alejandro’s Mexican Grill in Downtown was pretty spectacular.  Maybe I was hungry after the run but who doesn’t love a salsa bar?  Our family ate 3 bags of chips and I honestly could have walked out content.  The actual menu food was very good too…not 10 salsas to choose from good, but good.
All said, a fun trip.  The kids got to spend time in a “condo” as they call it, swam in a pool that was different than the one they normally swim in, eat out 5 meals in a row and stay up until 8:30pm.  Outside of Cindy and I finding ourselves reading at 9pm in the bathroom sink area while the kids slept it was a time of good memory and fun.
Also unrelated – we have this great photographer Jamie that we use.  Her company is called Oasis Photography and she will meet you anywhere, takes some pictures and then 2-3 weeks later she leaves you with CDs of the pictures for you to develop/distribute any way you like.  Her stuff is amazing.  Her price is right. We HIGHLY recommend her.
Check out the pictures Jamie at Oasis Photography took of us here.

Click here for a slideshow of our family trip to Roanoke.

Click here for a slideshow of Stewart on 2 wheels.

Click here for Charlie’s Video Playlist

Click here to see all of our pictures a la flickr.


One thought on “April 2010 – Weekend Road Trip!

  1. To finish a marathon like that in under 4 hours is impossible for me to fathom. Great job on the finish and greater job on the time and incorporating a fmily vacation too!!!

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