Springtime and our newest 5 year old

Poor Charlie... 🙂

Can you believe our little girl just turned 5 years old?  She’ll be in Kindergarten next year.  Stewart is such a special girl who sees such good in everything with little or no effort (yep, I get it…I’m biased).  She loves to cook (making “fancy dinners” is one of her absolute favorite things) and she loves dressing up in things that glitter and sparkle.  Yes, this does make me cringe a bit but I take solace in the fact that she throws a mean spiral and can out dribble most other 5 years olds with a soccer ball. Anyways, two slideshows below:  one of her birthday week complete with her pajama party and one of just random springtime pictures of the kids. We hope you enjoy them.

Click here for the slideshow of Stewart’s pajama birthday party (beware of the high volume of all things pink).

Click here to catch up with some of our springtime pictures.

Click here for Charlie’s Video Playlist

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A Slackard (me) Finally Makes a Post – February Stuff

Seriously Dad?!? Will you ever tire of making my hair stick up?

February came and went fast! I guess the shortest month will do that to you.  In its trail it left a wake of cake crumbs and wrapping paper.  More wrapping paper than crumbs given the cakes were of the homemade variety.  The best part of homemade cakes is the homemade icing, specifically the leftover homemade icing that gets tupperwared (yep, a new verb) and spread on random things to make normal desserts that much better.  Random things like Girl Scout cookies (I am convinced the only reason the shortbread cookies end up in our home is to have random stuff like ice cream, icing and peanut butter spread on them), fortune cookies and in a horribly desperate moment, toast.  Yes, February was a good month.  Other notables:  Charlie turned 1, Cindy turned a year older, wiser and more beautiful, Nanny proclaimed she has stopped “turning”, Will lost his first tooth at the ripe age of 7.5 years old, pet fish (my favorite kind of pet) arrived in our home and 4 weeks later still swim proudly, St. Valentine of Hallmark made an unheralded visit (this “holiday” is worth its very own post one day) and we had some snow fall in Fort Mill.

Enjoy the various slideshows below.  It should also be noted given my last post, that my great list of books I want to read never made it online and alas the list was lost somewhere on my travels between Charlotte and Miami last week.  So sad.  As a result, I’m taking any and all book recommendations.

Click here for the slideshow of Charlie’s 1st Birthday.

Click here for a slideshow of all other February Birthday Events.

Click here for a slideshow of the random, non-birthday events in February.

Click here for Charlie’s Video Playlist

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