Small Town Benefits

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It is not likely that I spend a great deal of time spouting about how much I love living in Fort Mill, SC but I REALLY do love it here.  Sure we have some ridiculous characters on the local politics scene (you know who you are) only to be matched by most of the State and even National characters but if you moved every time a goofy politician embarrassed their constituents you’d likely spend too much time at the DMV.  That aside, Fort Mill is delightful.  Our kids were born here, great green space (Thank you Ms. Close!), the small-town Christmas parade replayed on the local TV station, local produce, friendly people, traditions and most of all a caring community.  Little things like donating blood puts you in a roomful of people who you have seen at other events most of which have been in this town a long, long time.  It is special here.  One of the things I REALLY like is the chances are high that you will know, or at least peripherally know someone who got their picture in the local weekly paper.  Each week.  There is accountability here.  I am convinced this helps foster friendliness.  This week Will’s Cub Scout troop (Troop 219) was covered for their yearly Pinewood Derby (did I mention Will’s car got 3rd out of the 30+ 1st year scouts?) by one of the local beat reporters for the Fort Mill Times. The funny part is that although it was Will’s scouting event, it was Stewart that found herself 1-back from the picture focus.  Stewart was elated.  Will…not so much.  Of course this is a topic for a later blog post.  Enjoy the article about and the picture of our little local “star.”


One thought on “Small Town Benefits

  1. Nice post – remindes me of growing up in Fort Mill. For several months a couple of years ago, I filled in designing pages for the FMT while I was working at The Herald – and you’re right, every week, I would see someone I know. And I haven’t lived there since I left high school!

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