Disney World is Fun

Another statement from Captain Obvious, I know, but Disney World is really a lot of fun!  The amazing part is how cool it is to see if from the perspective of a parent versus a non-parent.  As a non-parent I would have planned every move in the park to hit all the best rides multiple times while efficiently seeing the entire park in the allotted time in the park.  As a parent I was able to sit back and respond to the Christmas-like excitement.  When the kids yelled “Teacups! Teacups!” at the top of their lungs while emerging from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride on the other side of the park, all I could do was smile and make it happen.  Non-parent Jason would have explained the lack of park-riding efficiency that would cause and lobby for the proximate Thunder Mountain or Swiss Family Robinson attractions.  So wonderful was the experience I almost forgot about how much it costs to see Disney (note I said almost).

This trip also had another uniquely special quality.  We got to spend time at Disney with the kid’s Aunt Jenn, Uncle Jeff and cousins Lucas and Emily.  Stewart and Emily giggled their days away and were nearly inseparable for the 2.5 days we spent together.  Lucas and Will enjoyed a similar fear of the unknown together and talking video games.  It was great to spend time with Jenn and Jeff and as a native Floridian I was shocked at how much more Jeff knew about Disney than I did.  He has some mean Disney knowledge and can build a strong park “game plan” which I respect.  Last point of note – they Disney Character buffets not only give the kids a super-easy way to see the Characters without lines but also serve up some pretty darn good buffet food.  All together 2 days in Disney, 1 in the Magic Kingdom and 1 in EPCOT were loads of fun (although you really need 2 days for EPCOT) and being able to participate in running while watching Cindy meet a goal she trained for months to attain made for a great several days in a VERY COLD Orlando, Florida.

P.S. Cold temperatures significantly limit park attendance.  Put on your heavy coats and get to Disney in the cold to avoid having nearly any wait for rides…

P.P.S – A quick video of Charlie’s first assisted steps:

Click here for the Disney World 2010 Slideshow

Click here for Charlie’s version of Disney World (I know, it does have a striking resemblance to Grammy and Poppy’s in Columbus).

Click here for Charlie’s Video Playlist

Click here to see all of our pictures a la flickr.


3 thoughts on “Disney World is Fun

  1. I really enjoy the pictures & blogs! I clicked on ‘watch Charlie’s video’ and it took me to Youtube, but there was no video there. I don’t know what I did wrong.

    • Likely has something to do with the Playlist in YouTube. Can you see the single video on this post with a washed-out Charlie and his walking toy? If so, that tells me that I need to send an invite to you from YouTube so you can subscribe to my “playlist channel” on YouTube…kind of hokey but I don’t see another way. Shoot me your email address to Cindy’s email and I’ll set you up…I love that you keep up with the site – always wonder who does…

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