2 Weeks a Habit Makes and The Disney Running Report

Quick bit about habits as they relate to my new New Year’s Resolutions. I have heard that it takes 2 weeks to make a habit stick (smoker’s may disagree) so the jury is still out on a few of my new resolutions for 2010.  I did kick off my 2x week yoga with a 5:15am alarm which actually gets me started on one of my other resolutions to rise earlier in the mornings (genius, eh?).  Now while yoga via video doesn’t compete with yoga on a beach in a tropical island (the lady in the video clearly has that trick figured out), I do think a week into it I am noticing positive effects and getting some knowledge that will make me feel better about eventually attending a real live class.  Limberness is still a ways off but feeling better throughout the day seems to be a good initial outcome.  I checked the box on family game night, getting home for 3 dinners last week (working from home on 2 of them didn’t hurt) and even setup some girls time for Cindy to spend with her good friend over drinks after a massage and some nail work.  My only concern is that I may be out of the blocks a bit too fast…more to come here.

Cindy and I did a little running at Disney this past weekend.  The coldest Disney race on record (lows with wind chills in the low 20s and race completion temps in the low 30s) and also the largest with 55,000 runners over the 2 big events.  Cindy ran a solid 4:09 and seemed to strengthen as the race progressed.  The crowds at the beginning accounted for an extra .3 miles run in the race per my GPS watch as we ran around lots and lots of people.  I ran even splits for the Goofy Challenge (both the 1/2 marathon on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday).  Nice and easy as I took care of a calf that had been bothering me in the months prior.  Note to self for any future Disney Marathons:  Spend the time ahead of the race start getting to the right spot in your corral.  Not only were we not in our right time area but we weren’t near the right corral.  It was all about warmth over starting position.  The Disney Marathons (half and full) are great events and I would recommend them so long as you are prepared for the big race process that comes with it.  Results details can be scrutinized here (Cindy’s bib #3498 was and mine were 31333 for the half and 2270 for the full) Some additional comments:

  • Respect the Disney “Process” but don’t expect Disney “miracles” – they get 55,000 people through this event without a tremendous amount of unnecessary overhead but there is definitely overhead.  They won’t heat the EPCOT parking lot no matter how much you think Disney of all races should be able to do such a thing.
  • Carry a camera – I don’t advise this for most races but I had a great time getting pics with all of the Disney characters.
  • Do go to bed early – 3:30am wakeup calls/alarms hurt more if you don’t.
  • Do bring full-length garbage bags – warmth in any form is critical during the hour-plus weight in the elements before race go time.
  • Do drive yourself to the EPCOT parking lot – buses were not as well organized as you would expect for Disney (the half was worse than the full I hear).
  • Don’t bother with an iPod for this one – music nearly the entire way.  Marching Bands, guys playing accordians, Theme Park Music, 50 gospel singers near the finish, pretty amazing.
  • Don’t check a bag in the half marathon – too many people finish too close together – it was a near riotous scene (I especially hope the obnoxious guy yelling at the VOLUNTEERS at the bag drop reads this for next year).
  • Don’t fear the fatigue factor from pre-race park hopping – this oddly seemed to loosen me up.
  • Don’t carry water in this race – water stops nearly every 1/2 mile.
  • Don’t carry food/gels in this race – it’s like a buffet out there.  Fruit, candy bars, gels, boxes of raisins, etc…
  • Don’t expect to PR without solid corral management.
  • Do enjoy one of the few times you will be allowed in these parks for free (at least while you are running and if you forget about the cost of entry fees, travel, etc.).
  • Do run this race at least once – ideally for your 1st marathon.

More details and pictures to come for the data nuts on my ‘Run’ page at the top SuttonScoop above…


2 thoughts on “2 Weeks a Habit Makes and The Disney Running Report

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  2. Jason – I had no idea you had a blog! Adding you to my feed reader as we speak …

    I have heard it takes 2 months to make a habit stick. Good for you for doing yoga. I have the same problem (not flexible) and I get frustrated and don’t do it anymore.

    One of my unofficial goals for this year is more cross training. Time Warner has this wonderful free channel – Workout on Demand – and it has more workouts than anyone would need. I’ve done everything from Jillian Michaels workouts to Disco Abs dancing in the past week. *Mentally adding yoga to that to-do checklist.*

    Congrats on Disney! Putting that on my to-do list as well, after reading what you said about it.

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