In 2010, I Resolve To…

…end world hunger, solve the climate crisis, find religious harmony worldwide, cure cancer and deliver racial harmony.  Just my small contribution to this great Earth while I am fortunate enough to spend time on it.  What?  Reaching too high you think?  Maybe those are my dreams instead of achievable resolutions.  What is it work always says?  Build SMART goals.  It stands for something.  Measureable, Achievable, Time-bound yada, yada, yada…Too bad I can’t remember the acronym as it seems I can only commit to MAT goals.

Before capturing my goals for 2010, let’s first see how I did in 2009:



  • Date night 2x per month (initiate setting up at least 6 of these in 2009 up from 0 in 2008). We killed this but I failed on the setup part…I call “do-over” in 2010.
  • Smile at Cindy everyday. Hmmm…I might have hit 90% here.
  • Tell her things I love about her more often (she did this 25 days in a row leading up to xmas) Needs improvement…my stats improve as my work reduces.


  • Play with my kids on all non-working days. Check.  Like adding years to my life…
  • Take a 1×1 outing with each of my kids 1x per month. Generally.  In the early days of Charlie we resorted to the ‘2 on 1 zone D’ often.
  • Eat a family dinner together 3x per week. I’d give myself a C here.  If you count weekends it was an ‘A’ if not, an ‘F’.
  • Be an example for my kids (let them see me reading, creating, laughing, sharing, etc.). I could laugh with them a lot more.
  • Take Will and Stewart golfing at least 1x per month. Average of 1x per month yes, but only due to an increased rate in the summer.

Health and Fitness:

  • Run a 3:15.59 minute marathon on a Boston Qualifier course (only 6 minutes faster than my fastest). Fail. But did run 3:31 at 7,000 ft (Idaho) and 3:41 at the hilly Ellerbe Springs.
  • Build yoga into my fitness routine (ideally 2x per week).  Fail – one of my top resolutions for 2010.
  • Continue to log every mile I run and track every split from my races I run. Success (Thank you Garmin!)
  • Continue 3x week push-up routine. Success!

Personal Well-being:

  • Honesty at all costs – work to tell the truth well no matter how difficult.  Success!
  • Say more with less – write with fewer words, talk more clearly. Needs improvement – my blog is proof.
  • Read 20 books (up 2 from 2008). Fail – read 14.  I’ll shoot for 18 in 2010.
  • Start my day earlier (target 5:30am rise and 7:15am work start).  Works good in the summer; not so much in the winter.
  • End my work day earlier (target 5:30pm departure).  Not so much; Carpool days hurt this stat (get in later; leave later).
  • Work:  lead more – set an example, build roadmaps, initiate vs. react. Held my own here but could continue to do more.
  • Continue to commute via public transportation to reduce my carbon footprint. Success!  1 full year on light rail – gave up parking spot uptown.
  • Influence others to lead more eco-friendly lives and look for better ways to lead one myself.  Success!  My compost has been a great selling point.
  • Participate more in community with a focus on the environment and political ethics. Fail.  😦  I aspire to do so much more here.

Drum roll please…and now, the 2010 resolutions I know everyone has been on the edges of seats awaiting:



  • Setup 1 date per month (continue to go on 2 dates per month).
  • Enable all “Girls Nights” and “Girls Trips” for Cindy.
  • Play together (e.g. cards, Wii, scrabble, etc.) 2x per month.


  • Be at home eating at the table for 2 weekday dinners.
  • Re-establish weekly family game night.
  • Golf with the kids 1x per month.
  • Weekly bike rides with the kids (need a little help from Stewart here…)
  • More laughter and less lecturing with my kids (2009 repeat – needs more work).

Health and Fitness:

  • Yoga 2x per week (2009 repeat).
  • Eat less chicken – continue no red meat.
  • Run with Purpose – donate $1 per mile every mile run in 2010.
  • Run 3:15.59 at the 2010 Thunder Road (Charlotte) Marathon.
  • Run sub-30 hour BRR with 6-man team (run sub-8 min pace for my 6 legs).

Personal Well-being:

  • Say more with less – fewer words in professional settings both with writing and speaking.
  • Start everyday at 5:30am (latest).
  • Read 18 books (up from 14 read in 2009) and continue to document via blog.
  • Work: lead more proactively;  Build framework for others to follow.
  • Learn “presentness” to help better engage with all people in my life (taking all tips/advice here).
  • Develop better gift-giving habits – surprise people with small thought-filled gifts.

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