Christmas 2009 – Part II

Christmas came and went as quickly as 2009 did.  I resolve to do 2 things differently in the 2010 Christmas season:  1) take more time off of work – ideally 2 full weeks unplugged; and 2) engage in the season earlier – too much travel, work, family sickness resulting in not fully engaging in more of the stuff that makes the season the season.  Having the little man with another year under his belt and maybe at least one fewer nap per day won’t hurt either.  All said, the time with family and friends around Christmas were as special of a time as I can remember. Cindy was our household MVP as it felt like nearly every day she did something to make memories for us all to have. Forever.  Enjoy the pictures (warning: I didn’t spend much time putting the summarized-version together – part of my doing less to enjoy more theme for 2010.  More here in my upcoming resolutions update).

Click here for the slideshow of events from mid-December through Christmas Eve. (Not for nothing, but Charlie’s 1st haircut is included here – sorry little man…it’s rough being the 3rd kid).

Click here for the slideshow of Christmas and post-Christmas festivities

Click here for Charlie’s Video Playlist

Click here to see all of our pictures a la flickr.


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