Lack of running = lack of deep thought

It’s official:  I’m injured.  There. I said it.  Yep, it still hurts to say and nope, I don’t like it one bit.  My plans (and my $75) to run Charlotte’s Thunder Road Marathon are gone.  I sat at home (and some at a funeral – more here later) thinking about where I would be and were my friends were at that point in the race.  There’s something I romanticize about running it.  It isn’t because it is the best race in the world, although it is VERY well run and organized, nor is it on the best course in the world but it is home to me.  Home, yet it sees roads and parts of my home I rarely get to run through much less right down the middle of the road.  The injury is an odd one.  My doc says it is directly related to my weak core and lack of flex in my hip flexors (aren’t they flexible by shear definition?).  Cindy’s been saying this for years.  Stretching, rubbing and electric therapy and core workouts (ugh) and I’ll be back on my routine…Being off routine just after being on form is likely the biggest pain of it all.

The result of this situation.  No deep, dedicated thought (see earlier post on this topic) which means for me there is lots of scattered, shallow or worse, unfinished thoughts.  What’s worse, is I spent the week traveling which aside from work hours and a brief visit with Tom K. in Oakland, I spent the week with these thoughts.  I am convinced this lack of deep/dedicated thought makes for poor decision-making.  As an example, when waking up in Seattle on my first morning out west I decide getting up is the right move to make.  Logical, right?  Yes, except it was 3:30am PT.  Seattle at 4:30am is, well, cold and dark.  Those fish throwers don’t throw fish at that time.  Coffee shops are oddly closed then too.  Another example?  Sure, here’s one more.  When arriving in San Francisco after flying into Oakland, AirBart-ing to the BART Station and “Barting” across the bay to San Francisco (so metro, eh?) I arrive street-level with my rollerboard bag and laptop and decide 10 blocks is a nice walk.  No bad decision until I take the left on California and realize it is 6 blocks to the hotel…STRAIGHT UP!  Nice work Sutton.  Must get back to running soon.  Stationary cycling is exactly as boring as it sounds.  My family doesn’t realize that Christmas is at risk due to this issue.  How will I ever get the time to think up great and creative gifts?  Witty and fun Christmas Card muses?  Piece a recipe together for cookies?  Uh-oh…better go stretch.

Oddly, one of the places I had some of my clearest thoughts since the injury was at a funeral yesterday morning.  Cindy lost a dear friend who frankly, kicked Cancer’s butt for the past 6 years.  This woman was nothing short of remarkable from all I could see.  Diagnosed with 6-18 months she decided to beat it back long enough to see her newborn at the time, go to kindergarten and throw his 6th birthday.  Sad?  Definitely.  Inspiring – more than I can express.  See, this woman embraced life, looked for interaction (yes, I realize the irony in the fact that I am typing thoughts to the internet unknowns) and found joy throughout it all.  Obviously, I want to live life fully after this grave reminder but more than that I want to embrace the human connection.  Will I stop typing to the “internets”?  Probably not.  Do I want to connect with friends more often?  Yes.  Drum up a friendly conversation with a stranger periodically?  Yes.  Invite people to join me more often?  Yes.  This spits in the face of my natural tendency.  At times I fear too much interaction for it can breed not-so-great things like someone saying “no” to my interaction or even worse, me having to say “no” to those who take to my interaction and reciprocate with a follow-up interaction.  This is likely tied to my desire to let the answering machine pick up.  Not knowing whether someone calls with a request to do something that I can’t, or worse, don’t want to do keeps that answering machine pretty busy.  Although this phone ritual could also be tied to the fact that I spend many hours a day at work on the phone.  I guess when compared to looking back and seeing what you are left with without the human connection and interaction, it probably doesn’t make much sense…Do I smell any early New Year’s Resolution?

One last thing (this is not the kind of human connection/interaction I speak to above).  To the lady who reminded me and the other 140 people on the cross-country US Airways flight last Friday to “turn off any device with an on-off switch, including iPods” 19 TIMES BEFORE TAKEOFF: it is time to spend a flight listening to yourself as a passenger or maybe better, just one flight with Southwest Airlines.  Talk about a pleasant experience!  They don’t lecture their passengers.  They HELP with storing baggage in the overhead compartments.  They even asked if passengers wanted a REFILL?!?!?  Seriously Mrs. Crotchety who insists upon the off device with the on-off switch, 19 times is 18 times too many.  Ok, I feel slightly better – see talking to the “internets” can help.


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