Operation Christmas Child 2009 Brought to you by Baxter Helping Hands

Giving Rocks!

After weeks of preparation and planning the Baxter Helping Hands Volunteer Organization opened the doors at the Baxter Village Hall for what has become an annual neighborhood tradition:  Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Stuffing.  The short story on the cause:  Fill a shoe box with toiletries, school supplies, toys, candy, artwork and maybe a nice note.  Put a lid on it.  Label it. Box it with other shoeboxes in a shipping crate and have it shipped to children in 3rd world countries to provide basic needs, caring as well as a little joy for the holidays.  Do this 344 times and you now know what went on yesterday from 1-3pm in Baxter Village.  Remarkable.  Inspiring.  Thoughtful.  Hopeful.  Best of all – kind.

Enjoy the slideshow of this year’s event below and if you are one for comparisons, check out the growth in the event from last year.  Can’t wait until next year!!

Click here for the slideshow of this year’s Baxter Helping Hands Operation Christmas Child Event.

Click here for the slideshow from last year’s event.

Don’t forget to thank Sweet Peppers the next time you are there – they provided good food and snacks for those hard at work!  Thanks Sweet Peppers!


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