More camping, More Charlie, and Scavenger Hunting – Nov 2009

Unrelated to the events/pictures above but allow me to start this entry  by introducing you to our family’s newest cover model:  Will.  He landed the highly coveted November cover of Island Events Magazine (apparently “The Original Visitor’s Guide to Hilton Head Island & The Lowcountry Since 1974”).  It’s a long story but the short version is people really do look at the pictures you post to Flickr.  The magazine liked a shot I took of us Kayaking this summer in Hilton Head and the rest is history.  We are trying not to let this go to our heads.  Just one quick trip to Madison Avenue to test the modeling waters and then back to reality, we promise.  😉

Throughout November we participated in kid-bouncy festivals for the school PTO, Cindy and I made a kid-free weekend happen in Blowing Rock, NC, Will finished up a very successful soccer season (multiple hat tricks), Stewart re-upped for the “Big Dippers” Gymnastics Class, Stewart, Will and I went on another camping trip to our favorite campsite (#7) at the Anne Springs Close Greenway here in Fort Mill and Cindy and I participated in a foot-based scavenger hunt about Baxter (this was a blast!).  We even had a few dinners with friends we have not seen in a good while.  Good month.  Pictures at the links below for your viewing enjoyment.

Click here for the slideshow of our November Camping Trip with the Sullivans

Click here for the slideshow of Charlie at 9 months

Click here for the slideshow of pictures of the Baxter Scavenger Hunt

Click here for the slideshow of Stewart’s solo trip to Camp Grammy and Poppy’s

Click here for Charlie’s Video Playlist

Click here to see all of our pictures a la flickr.


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