What Were You Thinking??

A slight twist on this common phrase.  Someone at our rainy pre-Halloween extravaganza with our neighbor friends in the park across the street asked me a question I haven’t spent a great deal of time thinking about.  They asked, “What do you think about when you go for these runs?”  I didn’t have a good answer so on my run today I thought about what I think about.  Truth be told, I am a pretty simple thinker.  Early in nearly every run I spend time thinking about how I feel and almost invariably remind myself to go out easy.  Today I wondered if really fast runners tell themselves to not go out too hard.  Probably not.

Next my mind wandered to the fun discussion we had yesterday in the rain at the pre-Halloween festivities:  The “Fan-brella”!  This idea has teeth.  It could be the next Slanket or Snuggie!  It is an umbrella that pumps up and down when open to help keep you cool when out in the rain.  Also different than the umbrella/fan that you can read about here as this one will go up and down not rotate, which for a personal umbrella would be quite dangerous.  We of course, would market it with NCAA, NFL, NBA, any any other worthy sporting team’s logo.  No action will be taken on my end here but if anyone does take this idea and subsequently makes millions off of the idea if you would kindly remember me.

Many of my runs about the more rural areas of Fort Mill and/or Charlotte remind me of my desire to own a good bit of tree-filled land.  Today’s run was no different until I got a small bit angry at the tracts of land that developers had mowed down and then seemingly took a side trip to bankruptcy court.  They should have to personally replant what they destroyed.  We would call them GDA or Greedy Developer Appleseed.

Last topic of my run had to do with my moodiness.  It might also be a mild form of Seasonal Affective Disorder that cropped up around the twice-yearly time change.  I think we are back to Eastern Standard Time from Daylight Savings Time (DST) but I might have this backwards (yep, just confirmed my prior statement via Wikipedia entry).  Tangent warning: check out the map on the countries that use, no longer use and never used Daylight Savings Time.  Interesting that most countries don’t practice it.  Even odder is that some countries (like the U.S., Australia, Canada) have certain portions that don’t practice with their country).  Allow me to get back on topic.  The change of the clock gets me grumpy.  Likely related to dark mornings, of which I am not particularly fond of, my ability to arise early takes a hit the further into DST we get.  This seemingly culminates with a period of high grumpiness on the day of the time change.  Cindy thinks it is the natural tendency of the males species to get grumpy every 16 days (“16-day cycle”).  I don’t have knowledge of such a cycle (although I might track it just to check) but I do know that typically mild grumpiness that sets into my day is easily removed with a run.  Today, the run provided a temporary boost but not the normal permanent fix.  The beauty is that the sun coming up early tomorrow will make it all right again.  Might even bring on some of those late fall coffee-as-the-sun-rises moments on my porch.  Ah, that thought is a good one.  I’ll end there.


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