Camping, Halloween and Life – October 2009 Edition

Hello again. Here’s the latest installment of our life.  About 1 month’s worth.  The highlights:  Camping, Charlie on the move, hanging out, dressing up for multiple Halloween events.  Last night we met the neighbors in the park across the street for about 15 pizzas worth of fun, beverages, kids running around and the like.  Fun times…maybe even a rival of Christmas in the eyes of some kids.  Namely Stewart – more on this later.  Fun was had by all, about 10 pizzas worth in less than 30 minutes, until mother nature said “be glad you have a tent” (actually she said, “thank your neighbor Jason for his genius move of setting up the tent”).  About 20 folks found themselves huddled under the tent trying to stay dry.  Kids were protecting their costumes.  Parents scurried to protect paper plates, napkins, their beverages, etc. Cindy and catch eyes with the non-verbal question of each other, “did our kids have enough sense to get in out of the rain because clearly neither one of us asked them to get in out of the rain.”  We find Will.  Then Stewart.  Yes!  both under the tent – good kids!  Except something’s wrong with Stewart.  She’s starting to cry.  She grabs her mom and says “Mom, does this mean Halloween is canceled?”  Letting her know that it wasn’t had the same relieving effect that you get when the kids find out Santa made it to our house.  Good stuff.  Enjoy the pictures – 2 sets:  camping and Halloween stuff.

Click here for the slideshow of our Halloween Pictures

Click here for the slideshow of the Cub Scout Camping Trip and General Life Pictures

Click here for Charlie’s Video Playlist

Click here to see all of our pictures a la flickr.


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