I’m In. Again…Join me?

It’s a rainy Saturday morning, some stomach junk going through our home (Will’s the latest victim) and after about 30 minutes of the Little Einstein’s here I sit.  Surfing. As I surf I think I see a trend in running developing or maybe it is one that’s always been out there but I just missed it.  Race registrations require more forethought as more and more races are capping the entries and reaching those caps early.  A great problem for running to have, right?  This gets me thinking that I need a better way to pick from the possible running events that fit my “strike zone” of event criteria.  Criteria like date, distance from home, size of race, distance (marathon, half marathon, ultra, etc.).  Don’t get me wrong, I religiously use and think highly of MarathonGuide.com and when forced to out of desperation will use sites like Active.com (don’t get me started about their silly registration process, Ticketmaster-esque service fees and slimy cross-sell techniques) but they offer the super set of what best fits my criteria.  This in turn requires lots of sifting through data I don’t need to see.

So the problem is:  Proximity, size or possibly prior experience may render roughly 85-90% of all of the United States Marathon and Distance races uninteresting to me.  What tool exists that allows me to capture a list of races by date that I could review quarterly and focus on a race or two of interest?

My lo-fidelity solution:  Make a Google Running calendar (btw – Google Calendar is nothing short of amazing!  Makes Outlook Calendar look over-bloated and a bit ridiculous), manually load in the marathons that fit my criteria, share it with the world (primarily for my running buddies) and act like I couldn’t have used those two hours for other more important things like spending time with my kids or maybe even going on a training run…  Here’s the calendar I created if you are interested – it is set to default in agenda mode to list out the races but it also can be displayed in normal calendar mode (check out the cool weather feature those smart Google peeps built into the calendar – GENIUS!).

Other known and better solutions?  If so, please respond via comments and let me know.

Oh yeah, my original reason for the post…I signed up for Charlotte’s Thunder Road Marathon on December 12th.  Good race.  Well planned.  Join me for either the half or the full?


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