September 2009 – Birthday Parties and Such

Wow – been almost a month since an update on the family.  As usual much to keep up with here in the Casa de Suttons:  Birthdays (another 3-peat for Will’s 7th!), festivals, soccer, gymnastics (or “ginastics” as Stewart says), Cub Scouts (thanks for all of you who bought some hugely overpriced popcorn sundries!), Faith Formation, new role for Dad at work, Helping Hands for Cindy and regular life around all of that.  Wait, that is regular life, isn’t it?  I guess I’m not 27 anymore, eh (no comments necessary here)?  Within this post you will get to enjoy pictures from one of Will’s 3 birthday celebrations and some other activities in our day-to-day.  Enjoy (and oh yeah, a few more videos of our little man Charlie)!

Click here to see some random pictures from our last few weeks (Late September 2009)

Click here for Charlie’s Video Playlist

Click here to see all of our pictures a la flickr.


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