Charlie 10-12 weeks, some videos and Quail Hollow Golf

Big couple of weeks here in Charlotte.  Charlie grew another 3 weeks worth and is starting to turn into the dream baby we always dreamed of!  Less screaming randomly at all hours of the day and night and more smiling, cooing, quiet sitting, putting himself to sleep and driving.  Kidding about the last one.  Stewart, Will and I made a few trips to the annual Quail Hollow PGA Golf Tournament here in Charlotte.  Some golf, some signatures on hats, some reminders about being quiet on the teebox, some bus rides to and from the course, and MORNING ICE CREAM!!!  The last 2 items where the most memorable parts for Stewart.  The autographs for Will.  Us out of the house for Cindy.  We also have a video or two for you to enjoy.  Fun for all ages here!  We hope you enjoy.


Click here to see the slideshow of Charlie’s Progress

Click here to see the slideshow of our time at the Quail Hollow Championship

Click here for Sutton videos

Click here to see all of our pictures a la flickr.