Charlie Videos, Cindy’s 36th and Snow in SC?!?

Ok, we now know a few things:  1)  Charlie does not like water in any form.  2)  Charlie does not like naked.  These 2 items make bath time so rough it is near comedy.  We may push swim lessons off until he’s legal age.  We have captured a video of the ruckus in a sad attempt to make you feel a little sorry for us.  We have balanced this view with a video of him waking up.  Caution:  this video may make you want to have more children.  See the prior video for help with such emotions.

Oh yeah, and while we are taking pictures of Charlie we also thought it might be nice to give some time to the elder Sutton children.  In snow.  Big time for Fort Mill, SC.

Click here to see the slideshow.

Click here to see all of our pictures a la flickr.


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