Charlie at 6 Weeks!

6 weeks old, actually nearly 7 but the pictures above and in the link are of 6 weeks.  If you need a more recent fix then you’ll just have to come visit.  When you do, don’t be surprised if the parents are found sneaking out the back of the house to get some peace and quiet.  In all seriousness things are starting to calm down a bit.  No true schedule yet (although both parents are itching to get one down), but he is getting pretty close to knowing night from day.  He’s sleeping from about 8-10pm on an arm, in his bouncy or on the couch next to us and then transitioning into his crib.  On some nights he’s back up again at midnight for some chow but others he makes it to 3, 4 even 5am.  Pretty glorious when that occurs.  Now if we could get him to go into ultra-calm mode from about 5:30-8pm nightly life would truly be a dream.  Enjoy the pics – 2 links:  one to many, many pictures of Charlie at 6 weeks along with picnic pictures, and one to Will’s Booster-a-thon (school fundraiser).  The latter is more for proof that we weren’t running a ponzi scheme on our friends and relatives via our son.

Click here to see the slideshow of the 6-week old little man.

Click here to see a slideshow of the BOOSTER-A-THON!!!

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March 2009 – Birthdays and More Charlie

A 4-year old?!?!  How is that possible?  Stewart had a fun day at Monkey Joe’s (think padded room of inflatables for kids) with a whole bunch of her best friends.  Pizza, cake, presents and bouncing until near exhaustion…what could be better?  Charlie was a late scratch as his day prior to the party consisted of mostly large amounts of crying.  Stewart was over the moon with her big day and as of yet has not started talking about her 5th birthday.  If the 4th was any guideline this should start in a matter of days.

Click here to see the slideshow of the big day.

Click here to see a slideshow of the progress of little man Charlie.

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Charlie Videos, Cindy’s 36th and Snow in SC?!?

Ok, we now know a few things:  1)  Charlie does not like water in any form.  2)  Charlie does not like naked.  These 2 items make bath time so rough it is near comedy.  We may push swim lessons off until he’s legal age.  We have captured a video of the ruckus in a sad attempt to make you feel a little sorry for us.  We have balanced this view with a video of him waking up.  Caution:  this video may make you want to have more children.  See the prior video for help with such emotions.

Oh yeah, and while we are taking pictures of Charlie we also thought it might be nice to give some time to the elder Sutton children.  In snow.  Big time for Fort Mill, SC.

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Click here to see all of our pictures a la flickr.