Charlie is here!!! Wahoo!

Charlie is here!

Charlie is here!

On February 10th at 11:56am Charlie Andrew Sutton came screaming into the world.  Cindy handled the surgery amazingly well and we both found ourselves misty-eyed in the OR holding our newborn son.  He was 8 pounds 11 ounces and measured 20.5 inches in length.  This kid has the old Sutton melon and his brother’s set of pipes.  For that matter he also looks amazingly similar to the way Will did when he was born.  Cindy is already up and about in the hospital and craving some “real” food.  Watching Will’s relief yesterday and Stewart’s unbridled joy at seeing their little brother was amazing.  Pictures are attached and even a small video so you can hear him talk to you firsthand.  We couldn’t be more excited to finally have him here!

Not for nothing but we have also included a few pictures from the days prior to Charlie’s birthday.

Click here to see the slideshow.

Click here to see a video a la YouTube.

Click here to see what we were doing prior to Charlie’s Birthday.

Click here to see all of our pictures a la flickr.

7 thoughts on “Charlie is here!!! Wahoo!

  1. Welcome Baby Charlie!!! We loved the pictures and video Nanny did not know what to think when she heard him crying. I loved the classes working with Will & Stewart too cute. Take care we love you!
    Aunt Penny

  2. Welcome little Charlie! I am sure your big sister and brother are ready to show you the world. We already love you! The Stickels.

  3. Absolutely adorable!! I’ve never heard of the classes for the kids. What a great idea. Pictures were wonderful. I just love catching up with the family this way. One request – let me know when you post. I didn’t realize how far behind I was!

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