August 2008 – Will’s 1st Day at Kindergarten!

Huh?  Where did the last 6 years go?  Kindergarten?  My oldest?  Home-schooling starts to look pretty good when you realize that if the past 6 years raced by as quick as they did with most of his time here in the home how fast will the next 12 years go by with him spending most of his day at school?  Uh-oh…I sense a mid-life crisis coming on!  At any rate, Will has impressed us greatly with his ability to adapt to Kindergarten without missing a beat.  His teacher tells us (in e-mail – man times have changed from the days when a note was pinned to your back) that he is “extremely responsible and hard-working.”  You don’t think she tells this to all of the parents do you?

I guess one thing that will help keep us young, vibrant and enjoying great firsts like this one is having a 3rd kid.  That’s right, Cindy and I are expecting numero 3 in February 2009.  Moving from “man-to-man” to “the zone” defense has us a bit nervous (me more than calm, cool, collected Cindy) but also very excited.  Stewart is looking forward to being a big sister and has proclaimed that “when I am a big sister I will not take quiet time and stop drinking from sippy cups cause that is what big sisters do.”

Click here to see the slideshow.

Click here to see all of our pictures a la flickr.


One thought on “August 2008 – Will’s 1st Day at Kindergarten!

  1. Hello cuz!!

    Enjoyed the pics…can’t wait to see more when the new addition arrives. Congrats to you all. Please email me as I fianlly have Granny’s book finished and I want to send you the link. For some reason I can’t find it!!

    Love and hugs to all,


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