July 2008 – 4th of July and a Lazy 5 Ranch Visit

4th of July pictures from the traditional Baxter festivities and pictures from a visit to the Lazy 5 Ranch near Charlotte with several families from the neighborhood are included here.  You might even see a picture of our garden if you stay for the entire show.  4 peppers, 1 big tomato and 2 cherry tomatoes have been harvested to date!

Enjoy the pictures!

Click here to see the slideshow.

Click here to see all of our pictures a la flickr.


One thought on “July 2008 – 4th of July and a Lazy 5 Ranch Visit

  1. You guys have way too much fun!!!!!! Congradulations we are so happy for you guys. (No more trips to Hawaii for you guys there must have been something in the water) Hope you can come to Tennessee real soon. We would love to see you guys. Courtney leaves for UT 8-16-08, it seems just like yesterday that she was Stewart’s age. Granny is good. We enjoy your site and watching Will and Stewart it feels like we are not so far away.

    Love you all,

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