All things Fall – November 2007

The world in Fort Mill is once again shaded in orange, red and yellows. The colors have been quite spectacular this year (drought induced?). We have had a fun month of November. Will wrapped up soccer scoring several goals in the last few games. It was fun watching his reaction to scoring those goals. Most kids screamed and ran around with their arms in the air but not Will. He was all about playing it cool. Small little hint of a grin (no teeth showing) and a slow walk back to midfield with the team circling him was all he would let out. Once back in the car it was usually a much different scene. Grammy and Poppy visited, my brother and sister-in-law grew a year older, brunch at The Inn was feasted upon, several Greenway hikes were taken and lastly we headed to Columbus, GA for the first full-Sutton Thanksgiving in years. The proof of these activities can be found below. Enjoy the upcoming holidays.

Click here to see the slideshow.

Click here to see all of our pictures a la flickr.

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