Fall 2007 – Halloween

“Boo! Did I scare you?” was the quote most used over the past few weeks – right in line with the Halloween Theme. The kids just need to figure out the element of surprise thing… Other than not really knowing what to do at 6:45 at night when it was still daylight and the kids were dressed and ready to take to the streets, it was a fun, fun Halloween night. The new neighborhood had not been tested for Halloween and it showed. Atour previous house on the other side of this same neighborhood, having 100-150 kids in a night was not out of the question. This year in the new home on the new side of the same neighborhood many (like us) bought in bulk for the potential but it did not come. Maybe 50 kids of so which means each house was pouring candy into their bags. Good for the kids, not so good for the parents of the kids. Sir Will and Stewart the Sweet Witch had a bountiful haul of loot as a result. Stewart lasted the entire time 30-house route which surprised me, although towards the end she would ask for the homeowner to meet her at the bottom of the steps (“Tricker Treating!!! Would you put it in my bag down here puhleeeease? Happy Hawoweeeeen!”). It was a good night and fun to see them running and screaming with bags that amounted to a significant portion of their own weight.

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