2007 John Muir Trail Hike – Vermillion Resort to Happy Isles (Yosemite Valley)

Another great hike in the books. This adventure started at the Vermillion Resort where TK (“Ironweed”) and I (“Kitchen Sink”) took a quick ferry over a fairly dry Edison Lake to begin our hike 2 miles later near the midpoint of the John Muir Trail (JMT). 7 days of hiking where we covered a fairly brisk 95 miles. Over a dozen glacial lakes, past many 12,000+ foot mountains, through 4 significant meadows, over a half dozen 10-11,000 foot passes, past one bear, 3 deer, 2 fawns, countless marmots, 100+ distance hikers, 500+ day hikers (mostly in Yosemite), past 1 forest fire, under 4 clouds (the entire week!), through 50 or so Nalgene refills, atop 3 noticeable blisters and with great friendship and familial support Tom and I completed roughly 1/2 of the JMT. This sets a nice table for the return to the JMT in the next few years to finish what we started. As dramatic of a finish as we had with a pre-dawn summit of Half Dome this year, summiting the 14,000+ foot Mt. Whitney at the JMT’s southern terminus will surely top it! Enjoy this pictures (one day there may even been online excerpts of my journal entries to match the photos…)!

Click here to view the slideshow.

Click here to view Tom’s Slideshow.

Click here to see our sets of photos a la Flickr.


One thought on “2007 John Muir Trail Hike – Vermillion Resort to Happy Isles (Yosemite Valley)

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