Christmas 2006

Ah, another successful Christmas season has passed bringing the 4 great “Fs” with it: family, friends, fun and food! This year we had three celebrations – Christmas Eve with the Nash-Hollifield-Capozzi family, Christmas day at home with the four of us and our neighbors, and the day after Christmas with the Suttons. As much as we appreciated all that we can celebrate, the best gift was not having to travel. Thanks to all who came to visit us!

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We are moving! (maybe)…

So long as I don’t back out,  which I threaten to do about every time I visit our house in progress and find something I don’t like, didn’t ask for, or don’t agree with, this post will be where you can come to find updates on the progress of our new house.  We are moving about 2 blocks away as a crow flies or about a mile by car.  Still in the same neighborhood we have lived in for the past 6.5 years.

Click here for a link to the slideshow of the house progress.

Fish, Cookies and Surprises

A week after traveling to Tennessee for Thanksgiving we loaded up the car at 5am on Saturday morning and headed for Georgia. First stop was the Atlanta Aquarium where we had a 9am appointment with lots and lots of fish. Then we saw some cookies – as in the kind that Will tossed all over the southwestern side of the state of Georgia. The silver lining is that we didn’t load him up on Chipotle or anything just prior…wait, we did. A burrito and quesadilla worth. He rallied in time for the big 6-0 party that Poppy didn’t know a thing about. Poor guy.

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Be glad that there is no slideshow of the cookies.

Thanksgiving 2006 – Back to Tennessee

It seems like just yesterday that we traveled to Dover/Paris, Tennessee to spend Turkey day with Shani, Joe, Aunt D. and their family.  Hard to believe it was a full year ago.  The trip over was great and half of the trip back was dreamy.  Needless to say if there was a safe and secure way to FedEx our daughter from Knoxville to our home we might have given it serious consideration (just kidding Stewart).

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