Summer 2006 – Time with Family

Over the past several weeks we were able to spend a nice amount of time with Tim, Cha-Cha, Emma, Grammy and Poppy. Will spent a week with his cousin Emma at “Camp Grammy and Poppy” where they swam, went to the beach, played lots of golf and had tea parties. We think he’s still adjusting to normalcy as he’s getting almost an extra hour of sleep in the morning since returning. Stewart too is adjusting to having to share her things again (this really means that she is having to get used to the reality of having lots of her things taken by her older brother). We justify it by saying she likes the attention – solid parenting, eh?

Click these links to enjoy slideshows of the time at Grammy and Poppy’s house and the time with Grammy and Poppy at our house. Or you can just click this link and spend the day looking at all of our pictures.