2006 Beach Trip

Summer. It can mean many things to many people, but to the Lanes, Seiberts, and Suttons it always means a trip to Isle of Palms/Charleston for a week at the beach. Our 4th annual trip to the beach was voted unanimously by all families as the best one yet. After 4 years of decent houses/locations, this year we think we found the house that fit the needs of all three families (11 people, 5 kids) the best. It fit so well that we have already reserved it again for next year. Click here to see a slideshow of our beach vacation.

July 4th Festivities

Say what you may about our neighborhood, but it does the 4th right. Parade, candy, firetrucks, water balloon tosses, bake sale and the annual contest to see how many people we can fit in the community pool. This year we set a record I am sure. I walked across the pool several times without even so much as getting a drop on me. Good times. Click here to see a slideshow of our day.