Late Spring 2006 Photos

Check out pictures from my 2 weeks off at home. We kept to an action-filled agenda complete with multiple visits to the water park and pool, father-son trip to Carowinds and the movies, many bike rides and runs, some quality father-daughter time at lunch and running errands (mainly dropping Will and friends at camp), goofing off indoors,

several trips to the driving range and soccer fields, and an end-of-vacation Father's Day celebration complete with breakfast, a trip to the kid's favorite park, etc. The time off was great but the time spent with the kids and Cindy at home during the week was priceless. Click on the pictures or the links before the pictures to get to see more of the fun.


Lazy 5 Ranch Visit

Cindy and Stewart headed to the Lazy 5 Ranch with several friends from the neighborhood and their kids while Will was away at his grandparents. Stewart was not highly interested in the animals yet, but did really enjoy the dirt and sticks aspect of the ranch. All of the activity can be viewed in a slideshow via our Flickr site. Enjoy and feel free to leave comments.


After a short week in Columbus with Will, Grammy and Poppy deliver him back to Fort Mill and stayed for a few days. Will now wakes each morning with a touch of golf withdrawal and some shakes from missing the extra treats that he likely got from Grammy's kitchen. Stewarts short-lived independence came back to reality. She has quickly reverted back to spending most of her time chasing her brother and defending her possessions. Of course all of this has been captured in a slideshow via our flickr site. Enjoy!