Fun-times were had in Golden, CO. The entire Sutton clan loaded across a row near the back of a direct flight to Denver to spend 4 days and 4 nights with our great friends the Seiberts. Only one hiccup occurred en route – a trajectory puking by Will all over his mom about 2 hours into the trip (good aim, son). The Seibert's new baby #2, Garrett, passed the 2nd Sutton "setup test" – this time for our baby Stewart. Aside from the natural good looks (Garrett is a mini-Andy Baak without the law degree), he was every bit as smart, funny, well-adjusted, and responsible as we expect for our little baby girl. Now the only hurdles left are the dowry settlements and the minor detail of Anna/Will and Garrett/Stewart to decide to fall in love at the same exact time so we can get a 2 for 1 wedding deal…

Click this link to see a slideshow of the pictures.

Or click on the picture below to check out the individual photos and explore other photos that we have posted on our flickr site



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