Below are some pics or the Sutton halloween experience in the 'hood. At their age it is really all about delivering the goods for their parents. Will did the work of yeoman on this night bringing in enough candy to stock the shelves for at least 2 weeks. Good man, little man…good man. Seriously, we had lots of fun as Will and friends hit way more houses up for loot than they needed to.

Click this link to see a slideshow of the fun times.

Or click on the picture below to check out the individual photos and explore other photos that we have posted on our flickr site


2 thoughts on “BOO! HAPPY HALLOWEEN

  1. Will is looking a little pale in these. Have you seen a doctor? Seriously, looks like big fun. We should live in Baxter. It appears that kids actually dress up for Halloween rather than just showing up at your door. What a novel idea.

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