Over the Easter holiday Will and his friend Leo auditioned for a role in Forest Gump. No word yet. Mom, Cindy and I laughed until we cried over this picture…

Will had a blast with Easter. First the neighborhood egg hunt, then hunting for eggs left behind by the Easter Bunny. The 1st hunt was touching and exciting. The 2nd hunt built upon the memory. The 52nd hunt took all that we had in us to hide those darn eggs again. Lucky for us we had to "send the eggs back to the Easter Bunny" after a week or so. All in the spirit of recycling.

Many have asked how Will is doing with his new sister and until today we would have responded that he has adjusted quite nicely. No acts of aggression or trouble directed her way and that still remains the case. However, after turning our backs to let him play quietly by himself this morning we checked in on him to find he had drawn a beautiful picture for his Poppy – ON THE CARPET AND HIS CUBBIES…Art privileges have been revoked until further notice.

Easter Pictures of Will and Friends



Fact: You take fewer pictures of the 2nd child than you do of the first. There's no good explanation except for slack parenting. Be happy we were able to take a few seconds out of whatever way we are spending our time to click off these of Stewart. She's a really sweet baby. We have recorded 5 straight nights where she has slept for at least 5 hours straight. That is like gold.