This year, the Sutton family participated in a 3-stage Christmas. Stage 1: Christmas Eve festivities at the Nash-Capozzi home in Greensboro Stage 2: Christmas Day Festivities with family and friends in Fort Mill. Stage 3: Christmas Day plus 1 with the Suttons in Fort Mill. Click on the link below to see a compilation of the highlights from all three stages.

Merry Christmas!

Watching Will throughout Christmas was as fun for Cindy and I as it was opening our gifts and eating lots of sweets, cookies, and cakes! In his 3rd Christmas Will enjoyed leaving cookies and carrots for Santa/reindeer, singing christmas songs (Jingle Bells is his favorite), his excitement over receiving new Thomas the Train trains (Percy, James, Gordon, Toby, and Bill!), yelling "Merry Christmas" to anyone who would listen, turning on the Christmas Tree, and shouting "Hey! More Christmas Lights are over there mommy/daddy! See them?"

Anyone interested in participating in a virtual gingerbread house making contest next year, bring it! Cindy and I feel our talents together cannot be matched (see picture of our masterpiece in the above link).

Not including Thomas the Trains (it really wouldn't be fair to include them in the contest), the favorite Christmas toy contest has the Thomas the Train Race on the Rails toy and all of his new books ("If You Give A Mouse A Cookie", "My Truck is Stuck", "Where the Wild Things Are", "Frances' Gets a Baby Sister", etc.), and the Toy Microwave (the low-radiation version) in a dead heat.

All-in-all, a fun Christmas for all! Thanks to everyone who made our Christmas season so special.