I tend to collect a great deal of items (or so I am told by a certain male I live with not named Will). To make the shopping season a bit easier, I have captured my collections here (by piece where possible):

Click here to view Cindy's Christmas In The City Village Archive (as of December 2004)

Gallery Order within the above link:
1901 Brownstone Apartments
Village Bridal Shope
Village Apartments
Village Cathedral
Village Department Store
Lafeyette's Bakery
Molly O'Brien's Irish Pub
Village Police Station
Small Church

Not Pictured:
Boston Red Sox Tavern (new to the collection in 2004)
Conservatory (new and retired in 2004)


Check out Will's first trip to the zoo. He loved the monkeys the best followed closely by the lions and tigers. He didn't quite know what to make of the orange clay-covered elephants. Only in the south…


The month of October and November have been a blur. Trips to Denver, halloween fun, visits from relatives, and stops at a few zoos and aquariums along the way has Will's parents worn out! See updated pictures on Will's page and live vicariously through the boy with endless energy.

By the way, although the internet is not the ideal way to share big news, Cindy and I are expecting a little girl in early March 2005. Will loves to walk around poking his tummy out and saying "I have baby in my belly too! It is my little sister." Cracks us up!

Check out Will's page for pictures of all the activities.