Will has had a summer filled with activities, words, food, words, family, words, and friends. Favorite activities (not including talking) are swimming ("daddy, me jump!" or "1-2-3-4 JUMP!" as he jumps into the pool by himself), eating hot dogs, eggs, pudding pops, or cheese, and walking ahead of his mom and dad saying "theees waayy?" or "c'mon guys!" Every morning for the past 2 weeks since his Grammy and Poppie left from their last visit he says good morning with "Grammy? Poppie? Grammy's sleeping." Check out the cubbies his Poppie made him as well. He could work for Pottery Barn!

Last weekend he celebrated the 4th of July on the hayride "float" in the neighborhood parade. Throwing candy off of the wagon got his goat. He was also invited to several picnics with friends/neighbors, including one with just his mommy and daddy at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. Today he spent the morning with daddy at the YMCA kiddie water park (whoops – no pictures…). All in all, a very fun weekend.


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