Here are the stats:
40 Ocean Point Drive (beachfront access)
7 days, 6 nights
4 bedrooms, 3 baths
100 Wild Wings consumed
120 bottles of water consumed
31 gigs of apple ipod memory used to play various tunes
3 gallons of ice cream consumed
6 trips to the grocery store
Shimp and Turkey Po-boy sandwich discovery made
14 car shuffles in a single-car wide driveway
12-16 hours of Elmo absorbed
8 bike rides taken
4 calls to the cable company to try to get OLN
2 nights out with babysitters
7 "real-world" like confessionals taped for posterity.
1 new sandwich discovery made (shrimp and turkey po-boy)
1 pyrex dish explosion (never ever inadvertantly place pyrex on a stove burner)
0 baby naptime/bedtime "contaminations" and
Countless other memories made at this years Lane/Seibert/Sutton Beach Trip extravaganza!

Good times were had by all at the event and after being put to a vote (as is ritual), all parties opted in for another year. On top of that, no one was voted out of the household during the event.

Click on the link below to see a sampling of our vacation.

2004 Wild Dunes Beach Trip – July 17-24

If you want more beach time fun and action check out the Seibert Family Website.



Sugar Bowl near North Lake Tahoe, California (I think), perfect weather, mountain setting, family, good friends, lots of googly-eyes between Debbie and Tom, laughing, smiling, food, beverage, hiking, wedding…what could be better? Debbie and Tom (and families) pulled off one of the greatest weddings of the century all while nicely incorporating their individual styles and personalities. See a random sampling of pictures from the event via the link below.

BTW – the newlyweds are enjoying TWO FULL WEEKs in Calgary/British Columbia (without Jameson, their dog) – may they not think about anything but fun, rest, food, and beverage for every minute of those days. Thanks for a great time Debbie & Tom – it was an honor to be a part of it all.

Debbie & Tom Wedding – July 10th 2004


Will has had a summer filled with activities, words, food, words, family, words, and friends. Favorite activities (not including talking) are swimming ("daddy, me jump!" or "1-2-3-4 JUMP!" as he jumps into the pool by himself), eating hot dogs, eggs, pudding pops, or cheese, and walking ahead of his mom and dad saying "theees waayy?" or "c'mon guys!" Every morning for the past 2 weeks since his Grammy and Poppie left from their last visit he says good morning with "Grammy? Poppie? Grammy's sleeping." Check out the cubbies his Poppie made him as well. He could work for Pottery Barn!

Last weekend he celebrated the 4th of July on the hayride "float" in the neighborhood parade. Throwing candy off of the wagon got his goat. He was also invited to several picnics with friends/neighbors, including one with just his mommy and daddy at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. Today he spent the morning with daddy at the YMCA kiddie water park (whoops – no pictures…). All in all, a very fun weekend.