A Fort Mill Holiday Spectacular!

Happy Holidays and New Year to All!! Here's how the events played out in Sutton-land: Four Phases of Fun. All came with large amounts of food and more importantly several selections of desserts. Each phase was packed with laughs, some tears (primarily from overly-tired kids), loosened belts, and of course gifts, gifts, and more gifts. Only one phase contained a true visit from Santa (Phase II for those of you following at home), but all phases brought joy to Will in great forms. At times we found him spinning around in the middle of a room with his head shaking uncontrollable from the excitement of all those gifts! Don't worry, a quick toss of a small plastic ball usually snapped him out of it each time. 


One thought on “A Fort Mill Holiday Spectacular!

  1. Transcript of conversation between Will Sutton and Anna Seibert held over secret Playskool mobile phone…

    Anna: Will? You there?
    Will: What’s up A? I’ve got to keep it down. The ‘rents might hear me talking and begin freaking out.
    Anna: Right. Same here. Might be hard to hear me over the incredibly loud snoring though.
    Will: Get anything good for Christmas?
    Anna: Nah. They think I’m stupid or something. They are really buying the whole – Too Little For Christmas – line I’ve been feeding them.
    Will: I think my folks are catching on. Lots of attempts to get me to say things other than Bawl. they’d flip out if I started in on some Shakespare or something. That would be something but we have to keep it under wraps.
    Anna: Right! Nice pictures on the website. You looked cute in that sweater.
    Will: Thanks. It covered up my incredibly tight abs I have been working on. I cant wait to lose this baby fat. Oh well, what are you going to do.
    Anna: You said it. Well, gotta go.
    Will: Alright. Will Sutton – out!

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