A Fort Mill Holiday Spectacular!

Happy Holidays and New Year to All!! Here's how the events played out in Sutton-land: Four Phases of Fun. All came with large amounts of food and more importantly several selections of desserts. Each phase was packed with laughs, some tears (primarily from overly-tired kids), loosened belts, and of course gifts, gifts, and more gifts. Only one phase contained a true visit from Santa (Phase II for those of you following at home), but all phases brought joy to Will in great forms. At times we found him spinning around in the middle of a room with his head shaking uncontrollable from the excitement of all those gifts! Don't worry, a quick toss of a small plastic ball usually snapped him out of it each time. 


Christmas 2003: Phases I-IV

Christmas this year was organized into four distinct phases – all very enjoyable, filled with laughs, food, presents, food, family and friends and of course, more food! Will enjoyed each Christmas celebration with lots of laughs, "uh-ohs", "bawls" and a bit more familiarity with the process than at his first Christmas a year ago. Head over to Will's page to see pictures of each phase…Click here to go to the updated pictures on Will's page.


Here is a fairly random assortment of pictures taken during Will's visit to his Grammy and Poppie's house in Columbus, Georgia. Playtime with his cousin Emma, his Grammy and his Poppie (who is counting the days till Will can join him in the cart on the golf course), cute smiles, and even a bit of crying while posing on Poppie's special day make up this bunch.Life in Will-land is going great – he kicked a nasty virus (hopefully without spreading it to all of Columbus over Turkey Day) that worked him over for a few weeks. He "graduated" from his second Music and Me class. This doesn't mean much to most, but to his parents it means one less chance we have to listen to normal music ever again. He has also discovered the dreaded "no" word. Translation: His parents are in the process of purchasing multiple books regarding the millions of philosophies/opinions on discipline for little people. In all seriousness, he finds new ways to amuse us each day. Today's examples: the 10 minute "conversation" he carried on with Baby Tad while we sat watching from the couch and taking advantage of being in a 1 minute timeout near bedtime by removing his diaper and peeing all over his bed…

Happy Turkey Day!

Hopefully everyone had as enjoyable of a Thanksgiving Holiday as we did with our family down in Columbus, GA! On the big day we indulged in Fried Turkey with all of the fixins and an assortment of desserts – Apple Crisp, Sweet Potato Casserole, Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Pie, Coconut Cake, and Dad's leftover birthday cake to be exact. An amazing spread! Anyways – this note is just a long-winded way of telling everyone that new pictures of Will taken during the Thanksgiving holiday break have been posted on his page.Click here to go to the updated pictures on Will's page.