'Bee' very afraid! Will spent the evening in the neighborhood for his first Halloween experience. Ok, he spent the early dusk hours at the neighborhood pre-trick or treating festivities, stopped by a house or two on the way back home (and tried to enter each of them), only to find his way to bed (a la Grammy) by 7pm. Little did he know he would need that sleep to keep up with the activities that Grammy and Poppie, oops, Grandfather Sutton, had in store for him over the next few days.

Cindy and I were just happy that this year, unlike last year, we didn't have to beat the trick-or-treaters to the baby-waking doorbell 100+ times in between replacing the batteries to every smoke alarm in the house only to find out that the Carbon Monoxide detector, not the smoke alarms, was the culprit of the incessantly loud, every-30-second "CHIRP-CHIRPING." Thanks to grandparental assistance on the front porch, a better sleeping boy at 1 year and 6 weeks than 6 weeks, and long-lasting Duracell 9-volts, this year's activities were much, much more enjoyable.



That's right, New Yawk City!! Running the NYC Marathon provided the excuse (although our next visit will have a more relaxing "excuse"), but once we got past that event we wandered around looking up at the tall buildings, avoiding speeding cabs, bumping into turnstiles in the subway, and even running across a few "Average Joes". Check out the pictures below to get a taste…

NYC Trip 2003

We also have pictures from our "excuse" if you are interested in seeing the deterioration of woman/man over 26.2 miles.

2003 NYC Marathon