Hi everyone! We have finally joined the world of the website-enabled. I won't kid you – Cindy and I would love to say this site is all about the Sutton Family, but the reality is that it will be all about Will!. Pictures of Will, funny things Will did, and the goofy stuff his parents do while trying to be good parents.

On occassion, you should check out the other parts of the website as you might, just might, find something new in those areas as well.

Pictures are forthcoming shortly so check back soon!


  1. Where’s the Will pictures? As parents, you should know by now that your importance fades to only that which refers to your child. Marathon, schmarathon. You are mere support players, nay extras in the Will Sutton Show which will last until he’s, oh, say, 22. Get used to it.
    By the way it was nice to hear from you. I was just thinking of picking up the phone the other day.

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